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The influence of technology in sport is rapidly spreading to all levels, from the professional to the amateur.

Sports Technology | Electronic Group

Technological innovation and sport

We help people to improve their quality of life with technological improvements applied to sport, both amateur and professional.

  • GPS heart rate monitor for running
  • Sports Headphones
  • Running Treadmills
  • Bike Rollers
  • Sports Video Camcorders

We are experts in technology applied to sport

Digital technology has democratised and boosted the practice of sport. Today, any one of us can access our records, track records, etc., and share information, data and followers about our progress at the touch of a button.

Innovations have come in many forms. From our group we offer submersible headsets, accurate measuring instruments, performance enhancing materials/equipment, treadmills and rollers and cyclists… a countless catalogue dedicated to bringing you closer to and enjoying sport.




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